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Benefits Information

Health Fund

Eligibility Requirements

For more information on Wisconsin Laborers’ Health Fund benefits, please contact:
4633 LIUNA Way, Suite 201
DeForest, WI 53532

Phone: 608-846-1742
Toll-free: 800-397-3373
Fax: 608-846-3192

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Pension Fund

Normal Eligibility

Early Retirement Eligibility

Disability – 24 Month Eligibility

Disability – Total and Permanent Eligibility

For more information on Pension Fund benefits, please contact
The Building Trades United Pension Trust Fund
P.O. Box 530 500 Elm Grove Road
Elm Grove, WI 53122

Phone: 262-784-7880
Toll Free: 1-800-433-8570
Fax: 262-784-8598

The Pension Fund