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Get Involved


We know the strength of our Local comes from our membership.  Monthly membership meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of every month except in November and December.  Union members hear updates on issues affecting their work, their pay and benefits, financial statements, political issues, organizing activities, the good and welfare of their union brothers and sisters, and vote on important matters.

Volunteer Organizing Committee

Local 113 has an active VOC. The VOC does many different types of activities, from the political to the charitable. The VOC meets every fourth Wednesday, with the exception of November and December, before the regular union meetings at 6:00 pm at Local 113’s Union Hall.

To further the leadership development of our members, Local 113 offers VOICE training (Volunteer Organizers in Community Empowerment).  This is an organizing curriculum that develops skills and experiences in one-on-one communication, conducting worker meetings, and public education techniques.

We also offer new member orientation that discusses the benefits of the union model, and the history of our union and its unique place in the construction industry.

Contact Local 113 if you would like to get more involved (414) 873-4520.

Contact your legislator